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For beautifully curly hair that lasts all day, choose a ghd Curling Wand or Tong. The brand are renowned for their high-quality technology that goes into the curling stylers, with each one perfect for a different finish.

If you're not sure which ghd Curling Wand or Tong is the right one for your hair type, take a look at our guide below.

ghd Creative Curl Wand

The ghd Creative Curl Wand is perfect for those wanting loose and natural waves with lots of volume. The tapered barrel allows you to easily wrap your hair around it, and achieve bouncy and bohemian curls with minimal fuss.

ghd Curve Soft Curl Tong

If you love a classic curl, and want to achieve waves that look a little tighter, choose the ghd Curve Soft Curl Tong. It has the same Tri-Zone Technology as the ghd Platinum Styler, and will maintain a constant heat throughout styling, so your hair stays healthy and shiny throughout the process.

ghd Curve Classic Curl Tong

The ghd Curve Classic Curl Tong is perfect for anyone wanting classic curls, and even those who have shorter hair. The ergonomic lever on the styler itself makes it easier to reach hard-to-reach areas on your hair, so you get complete perfection, even at the back.

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